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Author Topic: So much Talent  (Read 428 times)
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Play all my songs

..just turn that frown upside down...

« on: April 05, 2019, 08:07:03 AM »

That’s a large DITTO from me Tim to all you have said……..
I too listen in at the office – I usually just choose a juke box and let it run.
The talent and musicianship  to be found on the cool-lab boards is truly wonderful and it is so disappointing that it all came to an end.
A big thanks to all from me too.
Paul.  drinks    .......Still playin'

"I don't know too much about scales........but they do stop my fish from falling apart" - Tony Jones
When God gives you lemons..........make lemonade - Tony Jones
....if I don't cook ...we don't eat....can't live on music alone - Tony Jones.
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